texas bitch


Krzysztof Wodiczko: Dis-Armor II, 1999
Dis-Armor is a psychocultural prosthetic equipment, designed to meet the communicative need of the alienated, traumatized, and silenced residents of today’s cities. It connects contemporary research in two fields: wearable communication technology and prosthetics.
Specifically, Dis-Armor is an instrument designed to focus on the psychological difficulties of Japanese high school students and “school refusers,” who live in silence and lack facial expression.It is designed for particular individuals among urban youth who have survived overwhelming life events (violence, neglect, and abuse) and who now wish to overcome their false sense of shame, to break their silence, and to communicate their experience in public space.

✿prettier&paler than u✿
Too much fun I’m so drunk

Louis Mayhew | EY! Magateen #9 | Ph: Steven Klein

e093a3ac - 写真共有サイト「フォト蔵」
ay texas  (at Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve)
Anonymous: U still smoke?

I’m high as fuck headed to the lake

My city keeps fuckin growin and rent is pushin families out of place

I always thought I wouldn’t live like this past 20 and now I can’t escape